Witch Hobble ? …. (Which Hob?)

Witch hobble is also known as the Cranberry Bush but this is where the botanical element of my blog ends for the time being.

Which type of hob to buy is a question everyone needs to answer when buying a new kitchen so here is a quick layman’s guide to the main types of hob to consider.

GAS – This is the type of hob which uses burning gas to heat your pans. ‘No way?’,  I hear you say.  A lot of people feel most comfortable with gas because it’s simple to understand and  simple to control but gas hobs are a bit awkward to clean – there are all those fiddly parts. They tend to be cheaper than the other types of hobs.

CERAMIC – A hob which works with an electric element which heats the glass which heats the pan which heats the contents of the pan.  It looks just like a piece of glass so is very easy to keep clean.  It’s very easy to control because the levels of heat (usually from 1 to 9) are simple to control.  Getting a pan to simmer is simple – for example, if level 5 is too high, select 4 etc.  Ceramic hobs are quick to heat up and very reliable.

INDUCTION – A system which works with an electric element which heats the pan which heats the contents of the pan.  Spot the difference!  It has all the same qualities as the ceramic hob but in addition, is quite a lot quicker and is safer because the hob will not work if there is no pan on it.  It’s a common misapprehension to think that your pans won’t work with an induction hob.  Aluminium ones won’t but the vast majority of pans will.  Test which of your pans will work by using a fridge magnet.  If it ‘sticks’ to your pan, the pan will work. Simple!

CHAPATIS/ROTI – This isn’t a type of hob but cooks of this staple Asian food are often deterred from buying anything other than a gas hob because of what can be called ‘The Roti Problem’.  Well, I can make chapatis using a ceramic hob so you can too!  Of course, because hobs are available in domino shapes, you can have a ceramic or induction hob AND a gas hob in the same space you could just a 4 burner/zone one.

Now, about that cranberry bush……