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When it boils down to it*, a hot tap is the most practical and most time-saving kitchen device ever (and I’m not given to making sweeping statements).  It’s the one item I always tell clients that if their budget allows, they should seriously consider.

If you get a boiling water hot tap, you can use it to make tea (and coffee); you can use it to help cleaning those deeply-stained pots and oven trays; use it and you don’t have to wait for the water to boil when making pasta or boiling vegetables. And, you throw away your kettle so you’ve now got one less piece of equipment to clutter your worktop. Hot taps rock!

As to which one I would recommend, I have no hesitation in saying the Quooker Hot Tap would be my first choice. It’s very simple to use; there’s no bulky equipment to find somewhere for; it can be retro-fitted; it’s safe to use and; it looks good. And, like Martin Lewis from, I’m not being paid anything to say this!

The only downside to hot taps is that they’re not cheap and that’s a shame.

Last thing – my lawyer tells me I should remind you that boiling water is very hot.

*(Punning opportunity seized)

10 Replies to “Tap on a hot steel sink…”

  1. Daniel says:

    Amazing idea. Need one of these!

    • simon says:

      Give me a call. I’ll sort one out for you Daniel. If you don’t need a new kitchen, go straight to Quooker or call me. With pleasure. Thanks for commenting!

  2. When you say these things are easy to retrofit… what’s involved? Is it a whole through your worktop and space underneath the worksurface to accommodate a gizmo?

    • simon says:

      Ha! You have two options when retro-fitting the Quooker. You can buy the Fusion model and that will mean no new tap holes because it will replace your existing tap AND also give you boiling hot water from the same tap.

      Or, you would have to have another hole drilled in the worktop in order to accommodate a new tap so you end up with two taps.

      The storage tank which holds the hot water reserve is about the size of a thermos flask and always fits in the sink base unit. There are no gizmos with the Quooker but some of the other hot taps on the market do need a space for a gizmo. (Gizmo is a great word, isn’t it?).

      Quooker offer free fitting (at the time of writing this). If you’re buying as part of a new kitchen my fitters don’t charge for fitting hot taps (if they’re fitting the rest of the kitchen).

  3. Suze says:

    Bubble, bubble – no toil, nor trouble!!

  4. Lee says:

    My parents have had one of these for a couple of years and they love it……..I still don’t get offered a cup of tea though no matter how much it saves!!

  5. Littlechef says:

    Always wanted one of these things. What is the starting price?

    • simon says:

      Well, if you’re adding one to an existing kitchen then the most basic model, fitted will set you back about £850. Quooker offer free retro-fitting.

      If you’re buying one as part of a new kitchen, you should pay less than that but it depends where you get your kitchen!

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