Kitchen Visualiser

Experiment with how your kitchen could look.

We’re 100% going to plan and design your kitchen for you, taking all of your wishes and ideas into account. We’ll do it! 

That said, this kitchen visualiser tool from our supplier Egger, who make the superb surface panels we work with on many of our kitchen builds, lets you experiment yourself to see how various materials, woodgrains and  colours might work together. 

It’s simple.  (It’s definitely best to do this on a laptop or desktop computer, rather than on your phone.)

Click ‘Kitchen’ – the first room in the ‘Private’ list of ‘Rooms’ in the left column. Next, choose one of the 6 kitchen roomsets, click on each of the little circle icons that you see over the picture in turn, and you’ll be able to change the materials and colours at will, using products from the Eggers range.

Give it a try!