Kitchen Jargon

Prospective clients are sometimes confused by the terms used to describe some of the elements which make up a kitchen so here’s a quick jargon-busting blog which should help to de-mystify those terms.

Starting from the bottom;

Plinth – Sometimes known as kick-board this is the material which fills the space between the bottom of your base cabinet and the floor.  It’s usually about 150mm (6 inches) high and made to match the colour of your door or cabinet.

Light pelmet – This is usually about 50mm (2 inches) high and its purpose is to hide from view under wall-cabinet strip-lighting.  If you choose under wall-cabinet light fittings which are designed to be seen, light pelmet is not used.

Cornice – This is a purely decorative item which is fitted to the top of your tall and wall cabinets.  It comes in different shapes and sizes and is mainly used to create a more traditional look in your kitchen.

Drawer – Ok so who doesn’t know what a drawer is?  Well ok but it’s here just to distinguish it from a pan-drawer.  A drawer is between 110 and 175mm high and is used for all those items like cutlery, utensils, cling-film, foil-wrap, baking paper, snappy-bags, bag-ties, or odds and ends which would get lost in a deeper drawer.

Pan-drawer – A deep drawer usually between 280mm and 355mm high in which you can put your pans!  No way!  Ok ok… but you can also use pan-drawers for dishes, foods, crockery, towels and any other item you want easy access to too.  A pan-drawer is not just for pans!  Amazing, hey?

Anyway, there you have it.  Now if a kitchen designer/salesman says light-pelmet you’ve no excuse for not understanding what he or she means…

… next time, architraves and reveals for amateur builders…