Manchester Kitchen Company

About Us

Well, being a kitchen company we know we have to have an About Us page but, honestly, we don’t especially like talking about “us”. We like talking about kitchens, and about how you’d like yours, and about the fantastic value we can give you.

We’re maybe a little unusual for a kitchen company.

Although we’re actually Simon Fink Kitchens – and always have been – we’ve long been known by one and all simply as ‘Kitchen Fink’. It even says ‘Kitchen Fink’ on our vans, and we’re more than good with that. If there’s one thing we like as much as a beautiful kitchen, it’s a really terrible pun.

We’ve been in business now for more than 15 years, supplying and fitting high quality kitchens for far less than the cost of buying a similar kitchen from a well known name firm with a fancy showroom.

They’re the same kitchens though.

The same quality. The same high specifications. The same top-brand appliances. 

Even the actual same brand-named German kitchens you’ve seen in someone else’s showroom, if that’s what you’d like.

It’s simply that we don’t carry anything like the overheads of most kitchen firms. That means we can offer you value that other people cannot hope to match.

With us, you end up enjoying more of your budget in your kitchen for years to come than anyone else can possibly manage.

Simon and Stephen. A real 'family business' kitchen company.

We’re a true ‘family business’ – father and son. 

When Simon started the company, he had already been in the kitchen business for more than 20 years, co-owning the Manchester based Wilson Fink brand, with its showroom just off the M62 at Whitefield.

Stephen joined him in the business in 2018.

Since then we’ve worked together, from our home-based office, using good IT and telecoms, a couple of vans and a ton of experience and hard work to design, supply, fit and project manage some absolutely beautiful kitchens

The kitchen company with the best fitters.

Fitting is the absolute key to a beautiful kitchen. We think It’s a craft and an art and in many ways the most important part of the whole project.

An average quality kitchen fitted by a skilled and experienced fitter can look very nice indeed, and give excellent service. In contrast, a top quality kitchen with all the bells and whistles can look disappointing and perform poorly if fitted badly.

It won’t surprise you to know, then that we are super picky about our fitters.

We never, ever use third party fitters we don’t know. We use the same people we’ve worked with for years, job after job, year after year, because we know that they’ll make your kitchen look fabulous, and they won’t destroy our reputation. 


Why we love kitchens.

Now we get to the crux of it. We do. We love kitchens. Actually.

Why? Because a kitchen isn’t really about carcasses, doors, drawers, worktops and appliances. (Well it is, but only up to a point.)

A kitchen is actually about quality of life. About families. About relationships. About kids growing up. And about food. And food is a token of love.  And, if you think this sounds a bit pretentious.. I suppose it does but it’s true!

So while you may think that, being a kitchen company, we’re merely fixing you up with that beautiful kitchen you’ve had your heart set on… we like to think that we’re helping you create something altogether bigger.