How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean. 3 Key Places You Need To Know About!

Keep Your Kitchen Clean.

We all want a super clean, tidy kitchen right? Keeping a clean kitchen, especially with young children around, can be a little overwhelming. While you can wipe down your worktops several times a day or spend hours watching satisfying Youtube cleaning hacks, there will inevitably be a few places you might be forgetting to clean. We’ve come up with a few. Put these on your check list and thank us later !

Area 1. Extractor & Hood.

Image showing how to clean your kitchen extratcor and hood.
Extractor and Hood

The extractor fan goes on pretty much every time we cook. It collects cooking particles which eventually build up into dirt and grease. Depending on the type of extractor you have, there’ll be different ways to clean it. For hoods fitted to the wall or in wall cabs, you should give them a good spray with a none abrasive kitchen cleaner, wipe with a damp cloth and then dry with kitchen roll, every week. The mesh grease filter or cover plate on the underside of most hoods can be taken off and placed in the dishwasher which really helps wash away the grease and dirt. If your hood is recirculating and not ducted out, be sure to change the filters around every 6 months. You can contact us or the supplier / manufacturer directly for help with this.

Area 2. Your Spice Rack!

Spice Racks!

Stay with us here. It might sound a bit random. When you’re cooking up a storm and flinging around your favourite spices, you just don’t think about cleaning around them afterwards. Those tiny speckles of spices will all start to gather and eventually make the area super sticky and greasy. Don’t get me started on the turmeric colouring either! An all purpose cleaning spray and cloth, or environmentally friendly, biodegradable, wipes for an easy way to wipe them down, problem sorted.

Area 3. The Top of Your Fridge.

Cleaning Materials!

When something goes bad inside your fridge, we all know about it. Unless you’re blessed with super long legs and being over 6 feet tall, you’re never going to look above your fridge. Let’s be honest, there’s probably a bunch of dust up there ! The vacuum cleaner attachment or long duster are the best places to start. Be careful when you’re standing on that chair!

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