German handleless kitchen, Alkrington

Stunning cashmere and walnut German kitchen.

This is a fabulous Brigitte German handleless kitchen, finished in stunning cashmere and walnut. When you see it, it is a little hard not to gasp in awe.

We created this scheme for owners who love cooking, and prepare a lot of Far Eastern cuisine. This kind of food needs precise heat control, and gas burners are by far the best way to achieve this. 

This is why we incorporated the beautiful AEG dual zone hob, which combines gas and induction heating.

A dream project for any kitchen designer.

Once their work is done for the day, the toaster and coffee machine are completely out of sight, in the dedicated breakfast larder. This lets the kitchen’s minimal design be enjoyed without clutter for the rest of the day.

The larder isn’t the only secret this kitchen holds, either. A pair of doors which match the cupboards perfectly are placed to the left of the sink. Open them and you can pass from the calm and order of the German handleless kitchen, through a secret passageway, into the familiar functionality of a concealed utility room

Clever design makes for great kitchens.

The utility space means that washing, drying, and other essential day to day tasks are easily accessible, but don’t intrude on the visual beauty of the kitchen.

Close the doors, and they are out of sight and out of mind.

Designing smart solutions like this makes our job fun – but also makes for a kitchen whose character adapts to suit a range of purposes.

(The utility – which you can glimpse through the open doors – was not refurbished as part of this project, by the way.

"We really cannot overstate just how delighted we are. From the suggestion of the Brigitte kitchen, through the good natured incorporation of all of our wish list, to the meticulous quality of the install, the whole thing was completed absolutely perfectly."