Contemporary country kitchen, Bolton

Fabulous, modern-day country kitchen, centred around a magnificent AGA eR3 range.

This beautiful contemporary country kitchen is a great example of the way that sometimes the kitchen itself is the hero, while at other times the hero is an item within the kitchen that is so beautiful that everything else simply has to celebrate it.

In this case, the absolute hero is our client’s brand new, and much cherished, Aga eR3. We then finished the lovely traditional Shaker-style doors and drawers in Baltic Green so that it would all tie together perfectly.  

The country kitchen never looks dated.

Styles can come and go in kitchen design, but the country kitchen is an idea, rather than a specific style, and this has ensured it’s popularity for decades.

The feel draws gently on the traditions of rural dwellings, homely and welcoming, with steaming pots and pans sitting on a vast range, and a family settling around the table at the end of along day.

Nothing about those cues has changed its validity. Most of us still like our kitchen to sit at the centre of family life. We still want our kitchen to be where the magic happens, where we can relax and linger, and where looks and function of the equipment and fittings combine perfectly. 

Shaker kitchens give clean, contemporary lines.

Shaker design was all about simplicity. Restraint. Lack of ornamentation. 

These are great qualities in any kitchen scheme. 

To add flexibility here, we designed a domino hob into the generously proportioned, quartz island worktop.

This worktop provides more than enough space to prep and cook, no matter what the occasion, while the hob means the Aga won’t need to be fired up unnecessarily in summer.

For similar reasons, there’s also a Neff Oven built in to the island. 

As a completed project, the space has an inviting classic, country kitchen feel, with its contemporary cue underlined with its wash of  colour. 

"We've longed to have the AGA for ever and we wanted a kitchen that was kind of shaped around it - completely modern and up to date but really putting it at the centre of our life. We're so delighted with the whole thing. It was run like clockwork and it's a pleasure to be in as well as to cook in."