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Kitchen Jargon

Prospective clients are sometimes confused by the terms used to describe some of the elements which make up a kitchen so here’s a quick jargon-busting blog

Too busy to write about built-in ovens

I’m writing this between doing about a million other things because men can multi-task and I can exaggerate. But enough about me, lets’s talk (quickly) about built-in

Kitchen Design Disasters

There are lots of different ways your kitchen can be designed badly so, in a spirit of helpfulness and fun, here are my top ten

Yesterday’s fish curry…

This absolutely  superb recipe is from Rick Stein’s brilliant ‘India’ book.  It’s reproduced without permission but I’m a big fan of the balding, Cornish restaurateur and

Tap on a hot steel sink…

When it boils down to it*, a hot tap is the most practical and most time-saving kitchen device ever (and I’m not given to making sweeping

Have you seen the Nutribullet?

Dunno if you’re interested in the whole juicing/healthy eating thing, but if you are then you should definitely have a look at this complete rethink