Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Not really. I come over to see you and bring brochures and samples of worktops and doors and other stuff.


Q. What do you mean “Not really”?

A. Well, these days I do have doors and worktops on display at my home office/tiny showroom so we can meet here if you fancy!


Q. Where are your kitchens from?

A. My cabinets are made to my own specification in Lancashire in a small factory.  My doors come from everywhere!  That’s Italy, Germany and the UK – ok, that’s not everywhere but you get the idea.


Q. Can I buy a German kitchen from you?

A. Yes you can.  I do more than one make of German kitchen too.


Q. On average, what % will I save getting my kitchen from you?

A. Depends. But I’d say 20% is average and 30% is not uncommon.


Q. Can you supply appliances?

A. Yes, of course. I can get you whatever you want from any manufacturer.


Q. Do I have to get my own installers?

A. No, no no. I have the best installation team.  They’ve fitted kitchens for me for years and they’re not only highly skilled but nice to have around too.


Q. Can I use my own builders to do the preparation?

A. Yes, of course.  Or, I can arrange everything for you.


Q. What kind of worktops can you supply?

A. You name it, I supply it. Granite, quartz, acrylic, laminate, timber, glass…. can’t think of any others as I’m writing this…. I supply makes like Silestone, Caesarstone, Corian and Mistral as well as the same products in unbranded form (and good value).


Q. Can you do everything, including the building work?

A.  Didn’t you just ask the same question up there somewhere?  Anyway, I can arrange and oversee everything for you. I can do as much as you want me to.  And, I don’t charge for any project management!  I’m great, me…


Q. Why are there no testimonials on the site?

A. There are!  You just need to find the link on my site to houzz.co.uk where people have left me reviews!  And I can’t control those reviews so they really are independent and truthful!


Q. Why has there not been much new stuff on this website for ages?

A. I’m so busy I’ve not had time to think about my site! ;-(


Q. How long does it take from taking my old kitchen out to installing the new one?

A. That’s a good question.  (What took you so long to ask it?)  The answer is that it depends on what you have in your new kitchen.  Lots of factors will influence how long it takes to complete the work but very roughly, two weeks for a small kitchen with laminate tops up to five weeks for a kitchen with stone tops and glass cladding.  But remember, even if the finish date is five weeks, you can often have a working kitchen way before that.

Q. Can you play golf?

A. If you stopped asking so many questions, I might be able to….

Q. What’s the average price of your kitchens?

A.  There are so many variables I don’t think that the answer to this question would be very helpful (even if I knew it)!  All I can say is that the average price of my kitchens is less than it should be!