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Hi. Simon here

No showroom. No overheads. No advertising. That's why I can supply and install a beautiful kitchen for you for an unbeatable price.

Welcome to my web-site.  I’ll cut straight to the chase.

Why should you buy a kitchen from me?

I’ve got virtually no overheads because I work from my home office with no staff and no rent.  I do no paid-for advertising. I rely solely on recommendations for my business.  I’ve got a great selection of products.  I’ve got great fitters to install your kitchen. I’ve got 17 years experience of designing kitchens.  Most of the kitchen furniture I supply is sourced locally and all of it is made to an extremely high standard. I match internet prices on appliances and my worktop suppliers are the best…. <pauses for breath>

Ok, so how does it work?

Give me a call and I’ll come over, have a look at your space and measure up. I’ll bring brochures and samples. We’ll have a chat about what you like and what you want and I’ll give you some ideas. Then I’ll go away, design you a new kitchen and work out the lowest price.  When I come back I’ll bring my laptop and show you visuals of what I’ve designed for you and a price for the plan.   If you like what I’ve done but the plan just needs a tweak here and there then great; we’re nearly there.  If you want to make bigger changes or you want to see something else, then I’ll even start again!  I am infinitely patient.  I don’t mind how long it takes to get your plan right. Really!

No one is ever under any obligation when they ask me for a quote because I’m just not like that.  I just design your kitchen, price it and then if you want to buy it great!  If you don’t then we’ll still be friends!

Do Unto Others etc
I always give you the cheapest price at which I’m prepared to sell you the kitchen when I quote!   I don’t haggle because I don’t like it  (and because I’m rubbish at it!).  Everyone gets the best price without any haggling.  That’s how I like to be treated so that’s how I treat others!

A fantastic new kitchen. Or a fantastic new kitchen for loads less. You decide.

My Team

We're the ultimate family business. Actually, I'm the family business but coming soon, my little helper...

  • The Boss

    Simon runs the business. Nice bloke. Absolutely loves kitchens.

  • The ‘Designer’

    Simon loves designing kitchens. Loves talking about kitchens.

  • Technical Guru

    Simon wants to help. Whatever you want to know, just ask.

  • Project Manager

    Simon oversees the installation of your new kitchen personally.

Real Testimonials

How would you like to see some real testimonials from real customers?


I don’t think there’s any point at all in me putting testimonials on this web-site because, clearly, I could decide to only let you see the nice things people have said about me. So why don’t you click the Houzz logo on the right and look at independently acquired reviews submitted to this well regarded independent site. The link will open in a new page so that you can easily click back to my site later!


There should be some interesting and useful info for kitchen-buyers in my blog (as well as some other stuff). Please feel free to comment. I like comments!

These are my most recent blogs. Have a read. And do comment! I always reply too!



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Full transparency. One man and now his son. Infinite kitchens. But honestly... ask me anything.

I’ve tried to answer most of the questions you might have about how I work. If it’s not answered here, just ring me.

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Once you’ve ordered the fantastic new kitchen I’ve designed for you, you can sometimes have it in three weeks or even sooner.  I’m good and I’m quick.


Here's a map of Whitefield, so you can see where I'm based.

It doesn’t matter where you live. I cover your area. It’s just me and my phone and the van, so if you want to talk kitchens call me and I’ll fix a good time to come over and see you.

Email me

Don't be shy. Even if you're only just thinking about getting a new kitchen, get in touch with me. I like talking kitchens - yes, I'm that sad - and I can supply you with a great kitchen at a great price.